Why Good Residential Exterior Paint is Important for Your House

There are numerous ways to increase the value of your home, like upgrading the windows and renovating your kitchen—but nothing quite comes close to the impact a fresh paint job can have, making everything else look like a superficial addition.

An exterior paint job is a whole lot more than making your home look pretty because it’s also one of the greatest investments you’ll make as a homeowner. The truth is, good residential exterior paint holds both aesthetic and functional advantages.

Let’s take a look at what a few of them are.

A beautiful house after a paint job

Better Aesthetics

Your home is an extension of your personal style and aesthetic sense. It’s a place that brings you great comfort because it looks great.

Don’t neglect the aesthetic value a painting job can bring to your house because it’s something that you’ll see every time you pull up to the driveway. No matter how exhausting your day at work is, looking at your beautiful house against the golden sunlight can make your day a whole lot better.

Increases Your Home Value

When a residential appraiser comes in to evaluate your house, a fresh exterior paint job has a major effect on the final value of your house.

Exterior paint offers a far more attractive return on the house—as much as 140 percent, which is even better than kitchen remodels that yield a 65 percent return on investment!

Improves Curb Appeal

This one’s a no-brainer. The phrase “first impressions are the last impressions” fits so well when it comes to buying or selling a house, and the exterior paint of the house has a substantial impact on that first impression.

By improving your house’s curb appeal, the exterior paint sets the right tone with the prospective buyer and goes a long way in securing the sale.

Protection against External Elements

Nature can be harsh on your home, especially in a city like Portland that sees 43 inches of rain on average per year. Continuous exposure to natural elements can damage your house, but the right coat of paint can resist nearly all the damage, to a certain degree, by acting as a protective shield or coating.

It prevents moisture from seeping into your home, which goes a long way against precipitation damage.

a brown house with improved curb appeal

Whether you’re selling your house or plan to stay in it for the next ten years, a fresh exterior paint job is a sound investment that you’ll greatly benefit from.

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